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How to identify national and non-standard lines

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2018/07/28 14:39
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Non-standardwirereferstocableandwireforspecificpurposesthatarenotinaccordancewiththespecificationsandperformancespecifiedbynationalstandards.Butheshouldalsomeetthegeneralsafetyandqualityperformance. C
Non-standard wire refers to cable and wire for specific purposes that are not in accordance with the specifications and performance specified by national standards. But he should also meet the general safety and quality performance. 
Claim. The national standard wire is a wire that is produced in full accordance with the national standard. Generally, household and common wires are of standard specifications and national standard wires. Make a match
Fang, the national standard stipulates the common 7 kinds of specifications and performance, and will also stipulate general requirements, but special manufacturers need 7 kinds of other than non-standard. 
Wires are classified as 3 C products, ie mandatory standards are enforced.