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Rubber flexible cable YCW

Cabtyre cable
Product description

Product Name: YCW Heavy Duty Rubber Cable

Model: YCW

Specifications: 3*150+1

Voltage: 0.45-0.75KV

Mode of transport: logistics or special transport


1 Scope

This standard specifies the model, specifications, technical requirements and inspection of general rubber sheathed flexible cables.

This standard is applicable to general rubber flexible cables for household appliances, power tools and various mobile electrical equipment with AC rated voltage UoU of 450/750V and below.


2, the use of features

a, rated voltage UoU is 450/750V, 300/500V and 300/300V.

b. The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable should not exceed 60oC.

c. “W” type derivative cable has weather resistance and certain oil resistance, and is suitable for use outside the room or in contact with oil.


3, model

The cable models are as follows:

Model and name


No. Model Name Rated voltage V Main use

1 YQ, YQW light rubber flexible cable 300/300 for light mobile electrical equipment and tools

2 YZ, YZW medium rubber flexible cable 300/500 for various mobile electrical equipment tools

3 YZB, YZWB medium rubber flat flexible cable 300/500 for all kinds of mobile electrical equipment and tools

4 YC, YCW heavy duty rubber flexible cable 450/500 Used in various mobile electrical equipment, can withstand large mechanical external force