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Low-voltage overhead cable JKLYJ

Aerial cable
Product description



It is suitable for overhead power lines with AC rated voltage of 35KV and below, and is used in places with high safety requirements such as towns, high-rise buildings and forest areas.


2、Use characteristics:


1. rated voltage is 1, 10KV.

2. cable long-term working temperature:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE) insulation should not exceed 70 ° C;

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation should not exceed 90 °C.

3. The maximum temperature of the cable conductor when short circuited (maximum duration not exceeding 5 seconds);

PVC insulation does not exceed 160 ° C;

Polyethylene insulation does not exceed 150 ° C;

XLPE insulation does not exceed 250 °C.

4. cable laying temperature should not be lower than -20 °C.

5. allowable bending radius of the cable:

▲1KV cable

Cable outer diameter D<25mm......4D;

Cable outer diameter D ≥ 25mm ... 6D.

▲10KV cable

Single core cable 20 (D + d) ± 0.5%.

Multi-core cable 15 (D+d) 0.5%.

Where: D-----the actual outer diameter of the cable (mm);

D-------The actual outer diameter (mm) of the conductor.


3、Model, name and purpose:


Rated voltage KV 



The main purpose


Copper (aluminum) core PVC insulated aerial cable

Overhead fixed laying, lead line, etc.


Copper (aluminum) core polyethylene insulated aerial cable 


Copper (aluminum) core XLPE insulated aerial cable 



Copper (aluminum) core XLPE insulated aerial cable 

Overhead fixed laying, erection should consider the cable and trees to maintain a certain distance, the cable allows frequent contact with trees when running


Copper (aluminum) core polyethylene insulated aerial cable


Aluminum core natural cross-linked polyethylene insulated aerial cable


Aluminum core light cross-linked polyethylene thin insulated aerial cable 

Overhead fixed laying, cable and tree should be kept at a certain distance when erecting, only allow short-term contact with trees when the cable is running


Aluminum core light polyethylene thin insulated aerial cable


Note: (1) Where K is a neutral conductor with load, according to engineering design requirements, the cross section can be matched with the main line.

(2) where (A) is a load bearing steel strand and (B) is a load bearing aluminum alloy strand


4.、Technical performance:


1. Conductor shall be compacted with rounded stranded conductors, and its maximum resistance and minimum breaking force shall comply with Table 3.

2. The breaking force of the load-bearing strands shall comply with the requirements of Table 10.

3. insulation should be black weather resistant PVC, polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene.

4. The cable shall be able to withstand the specified AC voltage test for 1 minute, and the insulation shall not be broken down.

5. 10KV cable with insulation shielding shall be subjected to partial discharge test, and the discharge amount shall not exceed 20PC.