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Aluminum alloy cable AC 90

Product description

Aluminum alloy cable low voltage series YJHLV (TC90)


First, YJHLV (TC90) non-armored aluminum alloy cable structure features:


YHLV non-armored cable, using tight-twisted aluminum alloy conductor, section size from 10mm2 to 400mm2, insulation using flame-retardant cross-linked polyethylene, with anti-burning, moisture resistance, etc.; cable inner and outer shielding Produced by international cutting-edge technology and equipment, its unique three-layer co-extrusion technology and the company's introduction of Xikela X-ray analyzer to automatically control the insulation and the thickness of the inner and outer shielding layer to ensure the product quality to the greatest extent; The outer layer is wrapped with reinforcing fiber with a radiation-proof PVC sheath. Wide range of applications, environmentally friendly and durable.


Second, YJHLV (TC90) aluminum alloy cable product characteristics analysis:


Cross-linked polyethylene is a silane cross-linking or peroxide cross-linking method, which is a cross-linked polyethylene which is made into a thermosetting polyethylene, thereby greatly improving the heat resistance, aging resistance and service life of the cable, and Environmental protection. The alloy aluminum conductor independently developed by our company is anti-creep, high flexibility, stable connection, strong extension and low rebound. Compared with pure aluminum conductor, it not only has excellent economic performance, but also has excellent mechanical properties, safety performance and connection performance. Item characteristics. The cable jacket is made of environmentally friendly pvc, which can be installed in wet places, or directly buried or laid in cement. Depending on the requirements of the application, low-smoke halogen-free and fire-resistant flame-retardant cables can be produced according to user needs.


Third, YJHLV (TC90) aluminum alloy cable instructions:


YHLV non-armored cable, suitable for 0.6/1KV voltage level, suitable for dry or wet places below 90 °C, can be installed indoors or outdoors, can be installed vertically, can also be laid by bracket or along the wall, or can be directly buried in the ground; The bending radius is at least 7 times the outer diameter and can also be bent 360 degrees; it is suitable for use in environments without mechanical damage, such as civil, office buildings, schools, hotels, commercial, shopping centers, large venues such as factories.


Fourth, YJHLV (TC90) high voltage aluminum alloy cable model, voltage and name:







XLPE insulated PVC sheathed aluminum alloy power cable



XIPE insulated polyethylene sheathed aluminum alloy power cable

The main purpose

Laid in indoors, tunnels, pipes, cable trenches and loose soil. The cable can not withstand the external force of the machine, but can withstand a certain amount of traction.