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Aluminum alloy cable

Product description

Aluminum alloy cable (abbreviation: alloy cable) is different from traditional copper core cable. It is made of high elongation aluminum alloy material. It is made of iron and other materials in pure aluminum, and is subjected to compression and twisting process and special Annealing treatment, "squeeze" the voids in the alloy aluminum to reduce the cross-sectional area, so that the cable has better flexibility. This aluminum alloy cable is also superior to the copper core cable in its safety. When its surface is in contact with air, it forms a thin and strong oxide layer that can withstand various corrosion. Even when overloaded or overheated for a long time, the stability of the connection can be guaranteed. To achieve the same electrical performance, the direct purchase cost of aluminum alloy cables is 40% lower than that of copper cables, and the general construction and installation costs can be saved by more than 20%.


1. Self-locking armored cable:


ACWU90 is a high-flexibility self-locking aluminum armor, PVC outer sheath, 90 ° C cross-linked polyethylene waterproof insulated single-core or multi-core cable, with an equipotential bonding bare wire. Thanks to the FT4 grade PVC outer sheath, the ACWU90 can be laid directly and buried in corrosive and non-combustible buildings. The ACWU90 reduces the construction and labor costs associated with pipe wiring.


The alloy cable has been assembled in the factory with a highly flexible self-locking armored and sealed PVC outer sheath, eliminating the need for pipes and accessories and manual intensive pulling, grooving and threading. ACWU90 is CSA certified for use in open or dark lines in dry and humid environments, as well as in Class 1 and Zone 2 hazardous environments, as well as Class 2 and Class 3 hazardous environments. The laying method can be applied indoors by brackets, ladder frames, trays and cable clamps. Outdoors can be directly buried, cable trenches, cable tunnels and other methods. The ACWU90 is equipped with a calibration mark per meter to accurately determine the cable length.


Aluminum alloy cable, ACWU90 multi-core cable is made of conductor, section size from 10mm2 to 400mm2. It is fully compliant with IEC 60502.1 and GB 12706.1 specifications, and can also provide a variety of low-smoke halogen-free products according to customer requirements. Both the AC90 and ACWU90 models are available as user incoming cables, and the self-locking armor technology makes the cable more flexible and easier to install than conventional armored cables. In a fixed installation, the self-locking armored cable can have a bending radius of only 6 times the outer diameter of the cable.


Second, AC90 multi-core aluminum alloy self-locking armored aluminum alloy cable:


AC90 is a highly flexible self-locking aluminum armor, 90°C XLPE insulated single or multi-core cable with an equipotential bonding bare wire. The AC90 cable is assembled in the factory with a highly flexible self-locking armor that eliminates the need for pipes and accessories and manual intensive pull-ups, grooving and pipe-drawing.


The AC90 has been used in non-combustible buildings, such as feeders for lighting, sockets and other equipment in office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and factories. It can be used as an incoming cable for users in above-ground and dry environments. The AC90 can be mounted on cable trays (porous trays, non-porous trays and ladder frames), or brackets or cable clamps can be applied along the wall and along the top.


The AC90 multi-conductor cable is manufactured from conductors with cross-sections from 10mm2 to 400mm2. CSA certified for use in open or dark lines in non-humid environments and with the same performance as piped. AC90 is a flame retardant type A, low smoke and halogen free type, fully comply with the IEC 60754, GB17650.1 and IEC 60502.1\GB 12706.1 specifications.