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Aluminum alloy low voltage cable

Product description

Aluminum alloy cable low voltage series YJHLV8 (AC90)


First, YJHLV8 (AC90) aluminum alloy cable structure features:


1. Tightly twisted aluminum alloy conductor

2, flame retardant XLPE insulation

3, woven braided polyester tape wrapped

4, high flexibility aluminum alloy self-locking armor

5, no outer sheath

6, fully in line with IEC-60754, GB-17650.2 and IEC-60502.1, GB12706.1


Second, YJHLV8 (AC90) aluminum alloy cable product characteristics analysis:


Specially designed aluminum alloy power cable has been widely used in developed countries such as the United States and Canada.

Conductor: Tightly twisted aluminum alloy conductor, anti-creep, high flexibility, strong extension, low rebound, stable connection.

Insulation: Flame-retardant XLPE insulation, high temperature resistance, anti-burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low carbon and environmental protection.

Armor layer: superior economic performance, special self-locking form, strong and strong.

The self-locking armor of aluminum alloy has high strength, is lighter and easier to peel than steel belt armor, and is easy to install, which can avoid bridge installation and reduce cost. Not limited to 360° installation, no need for a cable box, easy to bend at the corners, reducing the need for piping.

Application requirements: One-step installation is in place, saving a lot of installation time. It has the super flexibility that ordinary pipes do not have. It has been carefully designed to avoid wire damage during installation.


Third, YJHLV8 (AC90) aluminum alloy cable instructions:


Suitable for 0.6/1KV voltage level. It is especially suitable for use in dry or wet places below 90 °C. It can be installed indoors, outdoors, horizontally, vertically, etc. It can also be laid by brackets or along the wall, or it can be directly buried and installed. The bending radius is a minimum of 7 times the outer diameter and can also be bent 360°. It can be widely used in civil, commercial, industrial, hospital, school, large-scale places, entertainment venues, mines, subways, important national bases and dangerous areas.


Fourth, the cable model, core number and rated voltage, cross-sectional area:



Number of cores

Nominal cross section(m㎡)
















XLPE insulated aluminum alloy self-locking armored aluminum alloy power cable